Provo CrossFit is better than a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost. Guaranteed.

Ready to get the fittest you’ve ever been?

Hear From Our Members

What makes CrossFit different?

Constantly Varied

Functional Movement

High Intensity

Our Commitment to You

  • No high-pressure salesmen
  • No mirrors or tanning beds
  • We will guide you, train you, and motivate you (better than a personal trainer)
  • We will measure and track your performance

Provo CrossFit is NOT for Everyone

This probably is NOT a good fit if you . . .

…are medically unable to perform strenuous exercise (this stuff is no joke)
…cannot do basic physical movements like running and jumping (start with something less intense)
…can’t attend at least 3x per week

This is probably a GREAT fit if you . . .

…are ready to become the fittest you’ve ever been
…are medically able to push to your limits (no injuries or health conditions)
…can commit to at least 3x per week
…hate working out next to the fake-baked, faux-hawked dude doing bicep curls in the mirror

Location, Location, Location

Provo CrossFit sits at the intersection of Provo Center Street and I-15

Provo CrossFit vs. the Other Guys

Traditional Gyms Provo CrossFit Personal Trainer
Personalized Coaching
Progress Tracking
Money-back Guarantee
Group Classes
Close-knit Community
Built-in Competition
Includes Yoga Classes
Price Dirt Cheap
(get what you pay for)
(or less w/discounts)

Photo Tour of Provo CrossFit

Class Schedule


Price Discount
3 mo contract $100/mo n/a
6 mo contract $90/mo 10% off
12 mo contract $80/mo 20% off

Additional discounts:

  • Couples and families take additional 10% off
  • Students take additional 10% off

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Come try us out for a month. If you are unsatisfied, for any reason, we’ll give your money back.*

*To be eligible for the money-back guarantee you need to show up to at least 3 classes per week—we can’t guarantee results if you don’t show up. ;~)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m just an average Joe/Jane. Am I going to be in over my head?

You are going to be challenged. But don’t stress; every exercise we do at Provo CrossFit is what we call “scalable.” This means EVERYTHING can be adjusted to your skill and fitness level. As long as you are healthy and ready to work, we’ll adjust every workout just for you.Also, you’ll quickly see that the CrossFit community does not look down at beginners. You won’t feel judged or inadequate. In fact you’ll probably experience just the opposite—your peers will help you and cheer you on.

See you in the gym!

Does CrossFit make a woman look too manly?

Why does Provo CrossFit cost more than the traditional gym down the street?

We know there are other gyms down the street that are lower priced. Provo CrossFit does not compete on cost, we compete on quality; quality staff, quality training, quality customer service, quality PERIOD. If you are looking for bargain priced fitness, please check the others out before visiting our community so that you can see and feel the difference. We have combined the best parts of personal training (personalized guidance and coaching) with the best parts of group classes (energy and motivation). Our training packages are not just something that gives you access to our facility and the equipment. Our packages come with the support and training of our coaches along with our wonderful community that will motivate and help you to reach your goals.Seriously, go try all the neighboring gyms then come see us. You’ll see that there is no better value than Provo CrossFit. We guarantee it!

I heard CrossFit can hurt you. Is this true?

Yes and no. ANYTHING you do in life can injure you if you don’t do it correctly, or haven’t taken into consideration your level of fitness, flexibility or health. If you’re spending too much time on the couch right now, that’s hurting you. Runner’s get shin splints, tennis players get tennis elbows, strength trainers get strains, basketball players get sprained ankles, couch potatoes get obesity, high blood pressure and coronaries.

At Provo CrossFit we will instill Technique BEFORE Intensity. We will keep you safe by having a watchful eye on you during your workouts. By increasing your strength and flexibility, you will actually decrease your chances of getting injured in or out of the gym! CrossFit done properly, is both safe and potent.

Here is an unbiased article from a medical doctor that lays out the risks of CrossFit:

*Terms and conditions apply.
Videos courtesy of CrossFit Inc.